Monday, June 28, 2010

M83 - Couleurs (DJ Blayne's edit) MP3 Download

I took the photo above in a nightclub in Gwanju, South Korea. It seemed like an appropriate header for this track. A friend requested a single MP3 of the M83 - Couleurs edit/remix I did for an earlier mixtape. It's only 2:48 long, but it gets to the heart of those synthy riffs.

Download Here: M83 - Couleurs [DJ B Brevity Edit V 2.0 ]

Also check out the set this edit/remix is from:

DJ BLAYNE'S "The 80s Never Die: Modern Synthpop Vol. 1 by djblaynes
DJ Blayne - The 80s Never Die: Modern Synthpop Vol.1 Mix

-DJ Blayne
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