Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DJ Blayne Mixtape: The Holy Fallout

DJ Blayne's The Holy Fallout Mix by djblaynes

THE HOLY FALLOUT - Industrial / EBM / Noise / Hellektro DJ audio mix

1.) SAM (Synthetic Adrenaline Music) - Enemy List [DJ B. Fallout Remix]
2.) Chainreactor - Incendiary [DJ B. Resequence Edit]
3.) Tactical Sekt - Dark Sky [DJ B. Fallout Edit]
4.) Hocico- Taste the Waste
5.) May-Fly (feat. Wynardtage) - The face in the mirror (La Soma remix)
6.) Velvet_Acid_Christ-Ghost_Regen_(Fractured_Coils_Version)
7.) Kriminal Minds - Back to what you are (military no fashion mix)
8.) Covenant - Wasteland
9.) God Module - Perception (Force Field Mix By Infekktion) [DJ B. Resequence Edit]
10.) Grendel - End Of Ages (Lights Of Euphoria Remix)
11.) VNV Nation - Sentinel [DJ B. Resequence Edit]

Audio clips from:
Beneath Planet of the Apes, The Twilight Zone, Mad Max, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Nuclear test footage, and the audio book adaption of "A Canticle for Leibowitz".

Live and Post-Production mixing - DJ BLAYNE. If you like the artists included in this set, buy their music.
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DJ Blayne - The Holy Fallout Audio Mix

Update 2013: Mix added for streaming at MixCloud.

The Holy Fallout Mix by DJ Blayne by Djblayne on Mixcloud

-DJ Blayne
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