Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tobacco - Friends Music DVDs 1 and 2

Years ago, I came across the music artist Tobacco at a tiny Toronto record store. I bought the last copy of a CD of his (right out of the CD player), but haven't heard it in a while.

I was pleased to find out some vintage footage was mixed into 30 minute long mixes of some of his music. It's well worth watching, and unlike anything except Apex Twin:

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Boy & Sister Alma

I've been enjoying the synthwave/electropop lyrics on this collaborative track between Timecop1983 and The Boy and Sister Alma:

I decided to get in touch with TB+SA to see if they had the transcribed lyrics, and any other recommendations for similar sounding tracks they've produced:

Timecop1983 - Call on You (feat. The Boy and Sister Alma) 
With my soft breath on the window I can trace the letters of our names
The cold air flows through the cracks of the pain
It touches my skin and I remember to always call on you in the rain
Calling to you now, just a ghost
I wanted to reach for you to pull you back to shore
I wanted to hold you in my arms, I wanted to go into the storm
But I wanted life more
You could never need me more than you did that day
Who could ever trust me to keep you safe
Breaking waves they claimed you, my feet in the sand
It's not because I didn't love you, I just couldn't swim

The Boy and Sister Alma also recommended this track from their EP as similar to the vocals on Timecop1983's track. It's wonderful stuff:

Also, an interview with the group on Synthwave Sunday: