Sunday, June 28, 2015

NUMERALS - A collective of artists

It's difficult to describe exactly what the various artists in NUMERALS (Holy Flareheartmath², OLFVN, among others) are, exactly, or who's producing the music from their online presence alone. 

In particular, OLFVN seems like it could be a girl in Japan, given the album art, track listings, and highly curated tumblr - but in a world of interest-based identities, it could easily be a white male living in Nova Scotia. The music mirrors the visual component - a shadow, a black absence of form - it's defined by what it isn't, and the rest is left to the viewer own points of reference to fill in.

Regardless, most of the music of the NUMERALS collective touches on the triangles and triple-clap motifs seen in "witchhouse" music, but has a deeper bass beat, and is generally less Gothic-inspired, and more diverse with the references it draws. Very interesting stuff.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

High Tides - Tropical Chillwave

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Psychedelic Rock - Black Moth Super Rainbow, TOBACCO, Demon Queen

Illustrations by Ryan Haran
I've been listening to this genre of modern psychedelic synth-rock for a few weeks now, and decided to put together a listing to make it more accessible for people. 

It's hard to describe exactly what it is: retro pastiche, psudo-acid visuals with a vintage synthesizer sound and use of vocoders- all sounding like they were recorded on to a VHS cassette, and left to bake in the sun for a decade. 

I like it, but your mileage my vary:

DEMON QUEEN - Love Hour Zero

Black Moth Super Rainbow- Gold Splatter

 Black Moth Super Rainbow - Smile the Day After Today

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Twin of Myself

 For more experimental psychedelic rock, check out this playlist I've put together over at SoundCloud:


 Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods (EP)

TOBACCO - Mystic Thickness (Album)

On a side note, much of the instruments, effects, and general psychedelic vibe coming out of BMSR/TOBACCO/Demon Queen fits with the spooky aesthetic found in the Memory Tapes Halloween mixes (Walk Me Home, 1-3):

Friday, June 5, 2015

André Obin - Further Away

Further Away - Lyrics:

I try to live a simple life
thoughts keep getting me tangled up inside
suddenly find that there's no place left to hide
got no choice, just keep flying through the night
I find it hard to remain in light
whilst evil forces continue to conjure fright
in rapture of heart, with pleasure and delight
they come to steal your dreams disguised under pale moon light
we can get further away
get further than them
I tried to live a simple life
but demons always seem to creep up from behind
now that I see I've been taken for a ride
need to find my voice just to help me turn the tide
we can get further away
get further than them

More tracks by André Obin here