Sunday, June 28, 2015

NUMERALS - A collective of artists

It's difficult to describe exactly what the various artists in NUMERALS (Holy Flareheartmath², OLFVN, among others) are, exactly, or who's producing the music from their online presence alone. 

In particular, OLFVN seems like it could be a girl in Japan, given the album art, track listings, and highly curated tumblr - but in a world of interest-based identities, it could easily be a white male living in Nova Scotia. The music mirrors the visual component - a shadow, a black absence of form - it's defined by what it isn't, and the rest is left to the viewer own points of reference to fill in.

Regardless, most of the music of the NUMERALS collective touches on the triangles and triple-clap motifs seen in "witchhouse" music, but has a deeper bass beat, and is generally less Gothic-inspired, and more diverse with the references it draws. Very interesting stuff.

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