Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tears In Rain: A Tribute Album to Blade Runner (FCR)

A very well produced compilation paying tribute to the sound of Vangelis' Blade Runner sound track. The beginning of 'Shinjuku Rose' is a bit jarring, but the rest of the track - and album are stellar.

Full size album art:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stranger Things extended Theme Song

An extended fan-mix of the "Stranger Things" theme song:

The series is an amazing example of tactfully done 80's nostalgia  - the pulsing John Carpenter-esk synth score, combined with familiar elements of both horror and kid-adventure Sci-fi from that era: ET, The Goonies, Close Encounters of Third Kind, all wrapped in a Twin Peaks/X-Files-esk show on Netflix. A highly recommend series.

Here's some additional altered versions of the theme song, found on this Nerdist article:


The series was scored by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, who were once part of an Austin Texas Synth group called s-u-r-v-i-v-e:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Com Truise - Declination (Instrumental Track)

From the Hokokum game soundtrack - Declaination (instrumental) by Com Truise.

Original version with vocals by Joel Ford:

Friday, May 6, 2016

Noble Oak - Past Life

An excellent dreampop album came out today from Toronto based musician/producer Patrick Fiore's Noble Oak. His work, along with Dayve Hawke's Memory Tapes have became my favorite dreampop artists.

I discovered Memory Tapes (then Weird Tapes / Hail Social) back in the early 2000's, making my recent discovery of Patrick's work in spring 2015 a welcomed surprise.

Now released to iTunes, Spotify, as well as in it's entirety on the Noble Oak Soundcloud, his latest 15-track album is available for the world to hear. It's pleasant and introspective without being too somber. The synthetic and guitar melodies carry each song along with well worded vocals that provide depth, and anchor each track wonderfully.

Noble Oak

Friday, April 29, 2016


It's rare, but occasionally I'll come across an artist on soundcloud whose been around for years, but seemingly has zero connection with another artist - but they share a similar sound.

DREAMS WEST has been around for 5 or so, (at the time of this writing)  - and that's a while in the internet age. It surprised me to hear similarities between his work and HIGH TIDES's self-titled album though, given I'd never seen the two appear together in any playlists or associated tracks.

Give both a listen and see~