Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wonderful synthwave mixes I didn't make

If I'd kept up making emotionally evocative synthwave dance mixes, they'd sound like those made by BenKaos. I love every one of them - take a listen:

More mixes here:

Little Shoes Big Voice - Nightfall (feat. Emily Harvey & Jack Durtnall)
So-So Echo - Imaginary Worlds
Phantogram - All Dried Up
Blazestation - Ghost Struck (ft. Florent Campana)
UhOh - Ride On (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix)
Lyon - Floating
Trésors - Pleine Lune [Anoraak remix]
Empathy Test - Last Night on Earth
Atom Tree - P.S.
Cartridge1987 - Love Lost
ACTORS - PTL (Post Traumatic Love)
Superhumanoids - See It All
Wolf Saga - You Are Here Now

Kristine - The Deepest Blue (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)

Story Of The Running Wolf - Stratospheric (Lost Years Remix)
Superhumanoids - March Of The Pigs (NIN Cover)
Empathy Test - Throwing Stones
The Fauns - 4am (Power Glove Remix)
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Suvi - Bleeding For Your Love (Cesare Remix)
Starcadian - HE^RT
pothOles - chauma (Manolo remix)
Pistol Shrimp (feat. AaronKnute) - Moonshine - Lost Years Remix
Azure Blue - Head In The Clouds
Empathy Test - Kirrilee
Android Automatic - Stayed Too Late
Elektromekanik - Footsteps (Dream Fiend Remix)
Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy 
The Boy & Sister Alma - Lizard Eyes (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix)

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