Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unintended consequences: Sweden's EDM / Pop Music Engine has a fascinating article (via about how and why Sweden became the 'Hollywood' for pop and electronic dance music.
In attempting to prevent illicit American pop music from overpowering local culture in the 1940s, Sweeden's funding of public arts and music education generated something altogether different in the following decades:

"Sweden, and in particular Stockholm, is home to what business scholars and economic geographers call an “industry cluster”—an agglomeration of talent, business infrastructure, and competing firms all swirling around one industry, in one place. What Hollywood is to movies, what Nashville is to country music, and what Silicon Valley is to computing, Stockholm is to the production of pop. In fact, Sweden is the largest exporter of pop music, per capita, in the world, and the third largest exporter of pop overall."


"So how did Sweden, a sparsely populated Nordic country where it’s dark for much of the year, become a world capital of popular music? Rarely does such a complex question lead to such a satisfying answer: Three-quarters of a century ago, Swedish authorities tried to put a stop to the pernicious encroachment of international pop music, and instead they accidentally built a hothouse where it flourished."

Sweedish Pop Mafia: How a culturally conservative effort in the 1940s backfired to create the greatest engine of pop music in the world.

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