Saturday, July 28, 2012

Glo-Fi / Chillwave

When you set aside the distilled, almost sterile '80's synth sound, you get more into a slower, hazy and reflective territory sometimes labaled as "Glo-Fi" or "Chillwave".

The artist who performs as Washed Out clarified what his music sound like in an interview with AdultSwim"It's like dance music made by people who grew up never listening to dance music." That's an idea I feel applies to most glofi/chillwave styled music.

Washed Out - Feel it all around

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

Casa Del Mirto is another artist I came across that captures that hazy, reflective sound, but keeps it from falling down the rabbit hole of memory with a good beat. It also has a nice tropical flavor.

I found these tracks/albums particularly good:

Casa Del Mirto - The Ease

Pepepiano's whole album is also worth checking out:

Pepepiano - Babes

Occasionally, Glo-Fi artists use of sampling audio-cues from old TV/Movies/Radio references even earlier eras than the 80's. For example, take the fascinating artist Belbury Poly found on the 'Ghostbox' label.

Belbury Poly - Summer Round

Belbury Poly - The hidden door

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