Sunday, August 9, 2009

DJ Blayne Mixtape: EBM / Industrial DJ Set (9.9.2009)

DJ Blayne - TOXIK August 2009 Audio Mix

DJ Blayne's TOXIK August 2009 - Industrial / EBM / Hellektro DJ audio mix

1.) SAM (Synthetic Adrenaline Music) - Enemy List
2.) Combichrist - Electrohead
3.) Tactical Sekt – Xfixiation (Hellfire Remix by [:SITD:])
4.) Virtual Embrace - Grief Cry (Grendel Remix)
5.) Blutengel  - Go to Hell (Cerberus Remix by SITD)
6.) VNV Nation - Chrome (Remix by SITD)
7.) Pzychobitch  – Wake Up (Remix by SITD)
8.) Absurd Minds - Master Builder
9.) Les Anges De La Nuit -Translucent Minds: (The Overdose Mix)
10.) Tristesse De La Lune - Leave it All Behind from A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent
11.) VNV Nation - As It Fades

Live mixing on Numark Decks, recorded to a COWON A2 by DJ BLAYNE.
If you like the artists included in this set, buy their music.

-DJ Blayne
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